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Daniel  - Y4 NQT

I began my teaching career as a Teaching Assistant, from here I found a love for teaching and knew this career would be the place I could make the most difference to children's lives. I applied to the Northwest SCITT and from my initial application I was supported and given specific targets to meet before I started my course that would help me to create solid foundations for my future learning. Throughout the process, I was supported.  During that time, I learned from a wide range of leaders, class teachers, headteachers and other professionals to give me the very best and up to date pedagogy. After completing my SCITT year, I was fortunate enough to be given a teaching position at Priestmead Primary School in Harrow.​ Since then I have been given support in my development through staff Continuous Professional Development.  Additionally, I have been able to spend my NQT time devolving myself as a professional further through CPD run by Harrow Council, these afternoons have allowed me to develop certain areas of my professional self I was less confident in.  Since moving to Harrow, I have been welcomed into the community of Priestmead Primary School and the community I currently live in. I am able to get around easily with the use of buses, trains and my bike. This allows me to enjoy everything London has to offer.


Deena  – Year 3 NQT

I applied to study the Primary Education BA Hons degree.  One of the degree’s requirements was to engage in a placement in a school setting and I found this experience gave a small insight into teacher training as well as the expectations of teachers currently.  Throughout my degree, I undertook multiple work placements ranging from Early Years to Key Stage 2. Each placement gave me an increasing responsibility for planning, teaching, assessing and observing. By the third year, I took control of 80% of the teaching in my placement, this gave me the confidence to apply for my first teaching job. Additionally, studying for QTS gave me the practical experience I needed to thrive in my teaching career.


I applied for teaching positions in Harrow as I knew I wanted to work amongst a diverse community that holds great communication between parents and school staff. I was offered a position within a Harrow primary school.  The induction process was a huge benefit as I was able to start my job in a comfortable, friendly setting. Once I started working in a Harrow school I immediately found that the relationship between parents and teachers were strong and the community were heavily imbedded within the learning. Children studying in schools in Harrow are not only learning about the world around them, but are also provided with the opportunities to access wider learning experiences.


Although I have had experience working in other areas, I knew I shared the same core values and beliefs as schools in Harrow, as I was born and raised in Harrow.  I never truly appreciated the benefits of working in a massive yet tight knit community until I had left. My experiences so far have been positive and rewarding, I am excited for what the following year has to bring.

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