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Experienced Teachers

The extraordinary benefit of applying through TEACH IN HARROW is that the primary schools work in partnership to ensure we attract and retain excellent teachers. If you have completed your ECT two year induction programme, are looking for extra responsibilities, keen to become a middle or senior leader, or looking for a change in a different school setting, TEACH IN HARROW can offer you the commitment and guidance to deliver your ambition.

To begin your career progression journey view our vacancies or complete our application form as an expression of interest. 

Miko  - Y1 Teacher and Year Group Leader

Initially, I was a little sceptical moving down to London, however, I can honestly say it has been the best possible decision for my career so far. Without the help of the school I work in in Harrow, and the connections it has, I would never have been granted such an amazing opportunity to work in such a supportive environment.

From my very first exchange school visit in Harrow in February 2017, I was amazed it wasn't that different to Liverpool (where I am from) and there was a strong sense of togetherness present. I quickly realised this was definitely the correct step for my career path. I commenced my NQT year in September 2017 at a Harrow primary school and I received the support I needed with continuous guidance from mentors and other staff members, who would always find the time to accommodate new professionals. Forming new relationships with friendly staff has been a bonus not just at my school, but staff from other Harrow schools too.

As my NQT year came to an end and I commenced my second year of teaching, I realised I would like more responsibility. With this request, I was given a TLR opportunity to lead PE & Sport across the school. With the continued guidance and support, I was beginning to grasp my new roles and responsibilities.   Following on from this, more career progression opportunities became available. I was successfully appointed Year Team Leader and commenced my new role in September 2019.  My responsibilities have increased but also my satisfaction of making a difference in children’s lives. I look forward to my future years in this career!

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