About Us 

Teach in Harrow was formed from the result of collaborative primary schools in the London Borough of Harrow, to inspire careers in teaching, develop and mentor aspiring teachers at all stages within their career and recruit the best candidates for our amazing borough. 


With approximately 30 primary schools working together, we have created a unique opportunity for students, NQTs and experienced teachers, as well as aspiring future leaders, to gain training, employment, mentoring and career progression within one of our schools. 


What is also distinctive about our services is the direct communication the applicants have with the schools and headteachers, cutting out any third party or agency involvement.  The diversity within our schools guarantees meeting the needs of both the applicant and the school.


The range of opportunities within our schools is broad; spanning from 1-form to 4-form entry schools. Local Authority Maintained and Academies, Faith Schools and Schools with Special Educational Needs units.  You will find a school that perfectly matches your career goals.


Our team of schools also offer the best possible support, training and mentoring for teachers in training and experience teachers - including networking opportunities within the alliance of schools, career progression and access to promotion within other schools in the group.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn” - Benjamin Franklin


Sash Hamidi - Executive Headteacher

I am the proud Headteacher of Priestmead Primary School and Executive Headteacher for The Welldon Park Academy!


My career started in Harrow, working through the ranks from an NQT, to a PE leader, Maths Leader, Year Team Leader and then Deputy Headteacher within 6 years.  I am now in my third Headship having been a Headteacher for over 10 years and I am honoured to be a part of Harrow.


Harrow is a diverse, exciting, forward-thinking borough of London.  Headteachers work collaboratively to share good practice, share staff and share their passion for all Harrow children to achieve their best.  We outperform Brent, Ealing and Hillingdon and are constantly reflecting and improving to ensure every Harrow school stays as a great school.


I also am a true product of the Harrow education system as I attended primary, secondary and tertiary education in here.  As fate would have it, I am now the Headteacher of the school I went to as a child!  That was never my master plan aged 5, but there is something special about this Borough which has brought me back and kept me here.


If you are an aspiring leader, there are many opportunities to develop and grow through collaboration, excellent CPD and accredited courses and networks so you can meet like-minded colleagues to develop excellent practice in your school or academy, and across Harrow. 


So whether you are a new teacher or an experienced teacher looking for your next challenge, I highly recommend Harrow to you – be a part of something special.  Join the Harrow family!

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire and encourage individuals to pursue a career in teaching,  develop and then mentor aspiring teachers at all stages within their teaching career.







Why us?

Our services are made bespoke to our aspiring teachers. Our applicants have direct communication with the schools and headteachers, cutting out any third party agency  involvement. The diversity within our schools guarantees meeting the needs of both the applicant and the school.